About Cedars Care Ltd


Cedars Care Ltd is a family run company that strives to provide our clients with the highest levels of supported living. We want our clients and their families to relax in the knowledge that only the most outstanding level of care is acceptable. Cedars Care Ltd is registered with the Care Quality Commission, is fully compliant in all areas and is rated as Good.


We are able to provide this high level of care, because we have lived this. Through professional and personal experience. We understand the importance for you to still have a voice and be heard, and the significance of a loyal and motivated team of carers.


At Cedars Care; we will hear you, work with you, and will provide the kind of care and support that you deserve in your own home.







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Directors message:
Liz Burgess-Smith    Director & registered manager:

I had been working in care for many years, mostly at management level and felt it was time for a change of direction, as I had always worked in care homes, within residential and challenging behaviour/dementia settings. I hold both the ‘Registered Managers Award’ and ‘Level 4 Management Award’. 


I would have probably carried on until retirement. However sadly, having seen my mother in law, Christine, being cared for in a nursing home, suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia, she quickly became totally reliant upon nursing and carer support. I knew I could achieve much more in the community to help those like her. Enabling others to retain as much independence and control of their own lives as possible within their own homes. Christine is and will remain the inspiration to my family in starting our company.


It is our aim to ensure nothing but the best of care is acceptable, that our staff are fully supportive, friendly and truly understand the importance of yours, or your loved ones needs.



Rachel Burgess-Smith
Owner / Director:

It is a difficult time watching someone you love suffer from any illness. My mum Christine had Alzheimer's and to lose a piece of her on a daily basis was heart-breaking. Apart from the immense sadness and frustration you also suffer feelings of guilt...Am I doing enough ? Could I have done more ? Did I make the right decisions about her care ?.  All I know is that I tried my best, and she knew that.

Our business was set up with not only the care receiver in mind but also there families. We are here to support all of you...all you need to do is ask.

Rachel :)



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